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Bid Number: 2021-016
Bid Title: Parks Master Plan Update
Category: Landscape Material & Services
Status: Closed


  Request for Proposals 

RFP No. 2021-016

Parks Master Plan Update

City of Derby, Kansas


The City of Derby, Kansas is requesting submission of proposals from all    parties wishing to be considered for consulting services related to updating the City of Derby’s Parks Master Plan. This document is a Request for Proposals.  It differs from a Request for Bids/Quotations in that the City is inviting proposals for professional services that are most advantageous to Derby, in Derby’s sole discretion.  This is not a bid/quotation meeting firm specifications for the lowest price, and as such, the lowest price proposed will not guarantee an award recommendation.  Competitive Sealed Proposals will be evaluated based upon criteria formulated around the most important features of the service, of which quality, references, availability or capability, may be overriding factors.


The City of Derby is a fast-growing, progressive community located 10 minutes south of Wichita. The City of Derby has a population of approximately 25,000 and is a full-service city providing water, sewer, police, fire, and other municipal services in the metropolitan area of south-central Kansas. The city operates under a mayor/council/manager form of government.

The city is requesting proposals for professional services to assist the city with updating its parks master plan. The City of Derby’s Parks Master Plan was last updated in 2008. Since the adoption of the plan,  the city has accomplished many of the goals outlined in the plan. The city desires to update the parks master plan to reflect current existing conditions and provide a vision and blueprint for the next 15 years. Additional information regarding the city and its goals for the parks master plan update is included in the attached Exhibit A-Project Summary and pertinent related planning documents are digitally linked in Exhibit B. 


The final scope of services will be the result of negotiations between the City and the successful respondent. A detailed scope of services and desired outcomes is available in the attached Exhibit A- Project Summary.  


This section is provided to assist participating proposers in forming a thorough response for services outlined in this document.  Proposals submitted must reflect in detail their inclusion as well as the degree to which they can be provided.  Responses to this RFP shall include the following information:

  1.  Cover Letter
    1. Describe firm size, longevity, structure, and type of clients served.
    2. Describe any memberships in relevant professional organizations. 
    3. Firm experience in preparing parks master plans and parks O&M plans. 
    4. Firm experience in performing demographic analysis and trend projections. 
  2. Project Approach/Written Proposal
    1. Describe the intended approach to accomplish the goals of the project. 
    2. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the project and the steps necessary to provide a complete and useful facility master plan. 
    3. Highlight any characteristics or capabilities that make the respondent uniquely qualified to perform the requested services.
    4. Any additional information believed necessary to assist the city in evaluating your proposal .
    5. Proposed Fee Range
      1. Provide a proposed fee range for completing all work anticipated to be necessary to complete the project. The final scope and fee will be negotiated with the successful respondent but is expected to be consistent with the fee range submitted with this proposal. 
      2. Identify any additional services that the city may want to consider adding to the scope of the project and a fee range associated with the additional services.
      3.  Anticipated Project Schedule (including modifications, if requested)
      4. Project Team (including a description of responsibilities) and Team Resumes
        1. Provide the name of the person who will be responsible for managing the project, and other significant staff anticipated to contribute including a comprehensive statement of each such person’s experience and qualifications.
        2. Highlight any characteristics or capabilities that make the proposer uniquely qualified to perform the services requested. 
      5. Work Samples (total of 2)
        1. Provide examples of at least two (2) similar projects completed in the last three (3) years.  Examples may be provided in electronic format or by providing an internet link.
      6.  List of References (total of 3)
        1. Include the organization/business, address, contact person, phone number, date of services, and scope of services.
        2. Executed RFP Proposal Response Form
        3. Legal
          1. Submit a statement disclosing any current, pending, or potential disciplinary action or complaint(s) or other like proceedings, including any claims in arbitration, mediation, or litigation, against the firm or against any partner or associate of the firm or team.   
          2. Disclose any actual or potential conflicts of interest with the City, its officers, elected officials, agents and employees.
          3. Conform to the requirement to maintain strict confidentiality about all matters of this project.
          4. Describe any partnerships with any organizations/subcontractors/suppliers that will play a role in this project.
        4. Certificate of Insurance
          1. Provide a copy of your certificate of insurance verifying professional, commercial general, automobile liability, and workers’ compensation insurance coverage with minimum policy limits as detailed in this RFP.  The coverage must be maintained and carried in force for the duration of the contract.


Proposers shall submit five (5) hard copies and an electronic PDF copy of the Request for Proposals to the City for review no later than 12:00 pm (Noon) on September 20, 2021. Proposals received after the submission deadline will not be considered. Proposals should be clearly marked by the proposer and should be addressed: 

2022 Parks Master Plan Update

Attn: Robert Mendoza, Director of Public Works

The electronic PDF copy should be emailed to Robert Mendoza, Director of Public Works, at

Proposals for the City’s Parks Master Plan Update will be received by the: 

City Clerk

Derby City Hall

611 North Mulberry, Suite 300

Derby, KS 67037

Questions regarding this document must be submitted in writing to Robert Mendoza, Director of Public Works, at by 5:00 p.m. on August 2, 2021.  Questions of a substantive nature will be answered in writing as an addendum and posted on the Derby website at by 5:00 p.m. on August 23, 2021.  



Publication Date/Time:
7/6/2021 11:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
9/20/2021 12:00 PM
Submittal Information:
611 N. Mulberry, Derby, KS 67037
Bid Opening Information:
12:00 pm - 9/20/21 @ City Hall
Contact Person:
Questions regarding this document must be submitted in writing to Robert Mendoza, Director of Public Works, at by 5:00 p.m. on August 2, 2021. Questions of a substantive nature will be answered in writing as an addendum and posted on the Derby website at by 5:00 p.m. on August 23, 2021.
Business Hours:
7:30-5:30 M-Th, 7:30-12:30 F

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