Property Maintenance Regulations & Tips

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The City of Derby strives to maintain high standards for property maintenance for our residents. Poor property maintenance affects our environment, health, safety and property values.

Neighborhoods with homeowner's associations or neighborhood groups may have additional bylaws for property maintenance.

Use the information below as general guidance to help avoid a violation on your property, maintain the value of your home and improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods. Read the city code for additional information about each code or ordinance.

Common Issues

Exterior Conditions

Doors and windows are maintained and in good condition free of cracks and holes. Porches, awnings, decks and fences should be maintained in good condition.  

Exterior surfaces are free of holes, breaks, loose or damaged materials that might admit rain, insects, or animals into the interior of a structure.

Walls should be kept free of mold, mildew, oxidation and cracking or peeling paint. Cracks in mortar between bricks in excess of 1/4 inch are sealed. Report a concern

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Bulky Waste/Tree Waste

All items whose large size or shape precludes or complicates the handling of normal collection and includes but is not limited to household appliances, furniture, plumbing fixtures, playground equipment, yard appliances and equipment and tree waste are not stored outside of an enclosed structure for more than seven days. Report a concern.

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Tall Grass and Weeds

Mow your yard and any area between your property and the paved area of all adjacent streets often.

Grass and weeds are in violation of city ordinance if they are more than 10 inches in height, or if they are more than 10 inches in length if matted down. Other vegetation, including vines, saplings, or shrubs, may also be in violation if they are taller than 10 inches in height and are clearly uncultivated.

Poisonous vegetation such as poison ivy, oak, or sumac are also violations of city ordinances. Report a concern

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Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs should be maintained to a height of eight feet above sidewalks and 12 feet above streets. Dead or diseased trees should be removed. Property owners are required to maintain public right-of-ways or easements that run through their property.

Tree and Shrub Pruning Guide

Public Right-of-Way Maintenance

Roof and Guttering

Roof, eaves, and soffits are structurally sound and watertight. There must be no missing or damaged shingles. Guttering and downspouts should be maintained in working order and free of damage or rust. Report a concern

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Swimming Pools

Pools must be enclosed with a fence or wall at least sixty inches in height, have no openings greater than four inches, and have self-latching gates.

No swimming pool shall be operated or maintained so as to create a nuisance, hazard, eyesore or otherwise to result in a substantial adverse effect on neighboring properties or to be in any other way detrimental to public health, safety, and welfare. Report a concern

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Excessive Outdoor Storage

Do not allow the accumulation of abandoned items, materials, parts, that may create an unsightly appearance. Report a concern

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Outdoor Storage of Indoor Items

Do not store indoor items such as couches, chairs, tables, mattresses or appliances outdoors for longer than 24 hours. Report a concern

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Inoperable/Abandoned Vehicles 

Inoperable vehicles should be stored in an enclosed structure. Report a concern

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Trash & Recycling Placement Concerns

Trash & Recycling carts are required to be stored behind the front face of the primary residential structure. Report a concern

Trash Placement Guide